We have a WINNER!

The programming challenge closed last month, and now we are finally able to announce a Winner!  Actually, it's winners - a team of three awesome geeks from Amrita University, in India.

Bithin and Seshagiri

A big congratulations to Mr. Seshagiri Prabhu N (M.Tech student in Cyber Security and Networks), and Mr. Bithin Alangot (Research Scholar at the Amrita Center for Cyber Security, and soon to be Ph.D. Researcher in UC Santa Cruz, USA), and Ms. Avani Lodhaya (B.Tech Computer Science student --not pictured)!  Together they have created a great codebase, complete with a user interface, manual, database backend, and placeholders for the things-to-come.

In the days to come, we will be transferring €1000 to these guys in appreciation for their work.  Seshagiri tells us that they've agreed to use it to help support Bithin as he moves to the USA in search of knowledge.

We hope that you two will continue to be involved with the CrisisCommunicator!!!

A Screenshot from their work

A screenshot from their work.