For Investors

Thank you for your interest!

Please contact "Link at Wise Earth Technology dot com" to get the "inside scoop".

We have a great idea, with a huge market potential, nimble business plan, and a focus on social entrepreneurship.

We've had strong interest from:

  • National Disaster Management Authority of India
  • Regional Governments in the Asia Pacific region
  • Telecom regulators in the African region
  • Disaster Response personnel worldwide
  • And more.

Our projections:

  • 8 months from initial investment of around €600,000, we can have a working version 1, ready for production.
  • 10 months from initial investment, we have our first customers.
  • Break-even in the second year (due mainly to low operating costs and huge marketing budget).
  • Fast expansion to presence on all continents by year 3.
  • Continued fast expansion and growth.

We have a KILLER USP, contact Link to know more.

We're looking for angel investors, or grant agencies, who will help us get this off the ground and into the hands of the people who need it.  

We are going forward, and having an investor on board will enable us to grow faster and farther.

Our aim is to attain worldwide operations.  Of course, we have timelines and financial projections, all available upon request.