What's Going On Here?

Wise Earth Technology plans to incorporate in the near future, and build an international social enterprise, using high technology for it's higher purpose: helping people.  Wise Earth Technology was started by Linkesh Diwan (also founder of Wise Earth Publishers, part of the Wise Earth Family).


Co-founder?  Programmer?  Investor?  Board Member?  Partner?  Amateur Radio Operator?
We are looking for you!  Let's get in touch!

Who we are:

Linkesh Diwan

Linkesh Diwan (Founder / Leader).  A US citizen, Linkesh grew up both in the USA and in Amritapuri, India. With a B.Tech in Mechanical Engineering, he is presently an Erasmus Mundus Scholarship student of the SELECT program, at KTH (Stockholm, Sweden) and TU Lisbon (Portugal).  Linkesh is the visionary and the driver behind the CrisisCommunicator.

Dr. P. K. Willey is an active partner and researcher, guiding the shape and scope of our business plans.  She is an accomplished social entrepreneur, having initiated an alternative school, a publishing company, and chaperoned many other innovative projects.  An activist, she has been active in civic responsibilities, and was elected to the Inland Wetlands Conservation Commission and Board of Education of her town.  She's our resident philosopher, advisor, and main investor.  With an M.A. and Ph.D. in Educational Philosophy from the University of Connecticut, Dr. Willey has authored several books on Earth Ethics, available through Wise Earth Publishers.   She is also Linkesh's Mother, and he's proud to have her on board.