Philosophical and Ethical Outlook

At Wise Earth Technology, we keep in mind the great ideals that Mahatma Gandhi gave us for the sound economical stewardship of society and environment.  These principles are seen in equal distribution, trusteeship, and moral economics, all combined with a thirst to see the boat of our human civilization set on course of an ethical and sustainable path for future generations.

Our inspiration comes from the pure ideals that great people like Gandhi stand representative of.  Equal regard for all beings, sensitivity to underlying causes and needs, and overall a dedication to Truth form the foundation stone upon which Wise Earth Family stands.

Wise Earth Technology seeks to work with governments from local to international, and the United Nations, to "help people to help people".  Along with our technological innovations, we envision a massive educational outreach, assisting communities in utilizing our technologies in ways to derive maximum benefits from them. We intend for our profits to be "ploughed back" into research, development, and outreach through education and engagement. We believe that the incredible and plentiful talents of people are our greatest resources and that the higher call of business is service to society, and profits must achieve that end.