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We have a WINNER!

The programming challenge closed last month, and now we are finally able to announce a Winner!  Actually, it's winners - a team of three awesome geeks from Amrita University, in India.

Bithin and Seshagiri

Programming Challenge now Closed

August is here!  Summer is over, classes are re-starting, and the programming challenge has closed!

If you haven't yet made your submission, please send it in now, to Link @ Wise Earth Technology d.o.t c o m

A winner will be announced in the coming months.  Stay tuned!

Submit your Entry for the Programming Challenge!

UPDATE: Our server has recently done an upgrade, and our mail servers have been rejecting messages ever since.  This has just come to our attention.  We have provided an alternate email below.  Keep it coming!!!

July 20th is coming right up!!!  That means that the programming challenge will officially close, and you must submit your entry to be considered for the €1000 prize.

To submit your entry:


We're really glad you're here!!!!

Download the Getting Started Package (ZIP) and start coding! If you use Git, then clone our account to get the starter package.  (NOTE: these resources will be available on April 20th, when the challenge launches.)

Git Cheat Sheet

If you've already used a Distributed Versioning Control System, you should be familiar with what follows.  If not, then this page might help you get started.

Install Git

$ sudo apt-get install git

Clone the Repository

$ git clone

The Development Environment

Basic Requirements for the Development Environment:

Programming Challenge

Last year, we won the International Telecom Union's Young Innovator Fellowship in the concept category. This year, we are running this challenge to build the concept into reality through open source.  €1000 will be awarded to the entry that best fulfills the challenge requirements.  Additional sub-challenges carry additional prizes!

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