Croudfunding Gift Sponsors

I'm really happy to announce that many of the gifts that I'm offering ("goods" in RocketHub parlance) are from independent artisans/entrepreneurs! They are all friends of mine, and have offered to pitch in with discounts on their offerings. I'm both glad for their support and proud of what they are doing; it's a privilege to work together for mutual benefit! Hopefully, I will be adding to this section.

Relaxing and Rejuvanating Thai Yoga Massage in Belgium
A free certificate for a lovely and healing massage from Yvonny Adarsh, in Brussels, Belgium. (You may want to plan a visit to Brussels for this.) Adarsh is a master of the Thai School of Lotus Palm Massage, Shiatsu, and Ayurvedic Massage. His wife and partner, Maude, is a teacher of Thai Massage for Pregnant women, babies and children. Not only will you gain an in depth overview of the healing systems Adarsh is bringing to Europe from Masters in Thai healing techniques, you will experience their long term beneficial effects. Check out his website.

Amazing Hand-Made Tie-Dye T-Shirts from America
With her brand Rainbow Kids Tie Dye, Stacia creates vibrant, hand dyed cotton clothing in Massachusetts, USA, each item as special and unique as the person who wears it. Her wearable art features pieces for people of all ages. Channel your inner freedom with a multi-color spiral Tie-Dye T-Shirt!

In her home studio, organic cotton clothing is folded and banded by hand. After soaking the clothing in a mordant solution, she applies the liquefied fiber-reactive dye. Each item is enclosed in a plastic bag for 24 hours, allowing the dye to bond and create vivid colors. No two pieces are exactly alike.

Original Paintings from an Artist in Sweden
A Swedish-born artist preferring anonymity brings a unique combination of experience and expertise to her paintings. Years of art & psychology practice have given this talented artist an impressive roster of achievements, with a unique and powerful approach to life. Exhibits of this artist's works in Belgium, Great Britain, Sweden, Switzerland, and the US have received notable acclaim. The artwork is quite influenced by Cropper's high appreciation of “observation and meditation”. This artist is allowing us to use the artwork on all the printed thank-you cards.

Beautiful Scarves from Alix Cat Suit
Alexa Lowe designs scarves in Chicago, She strives to create "mindfully chic" products that help make the world more beautiful, empowered, and enlightened. Her products are both fashionable and a daily reminder to be more mindful in our pursuits. Every scarf is hand made from 100% silk satin and is digitally printed.