A Peaceful Open Source License

One thing we've thought long and hard about is dual-use technology.  Since we're developing a telecommunications system for disasters, this definitely has applications for both civilian and military groups.  We need to somehow ensure that our efforts do not contribute to the biggest man-made disaster of all time: war.

But a simple "No Military Use" clause is silly; what if the military was called into a situation to help in disaster relief?  Should they be barred from using the device just because of their organizational affiliation?

There are many, many open source licenses.  Some are long, some are short.  There is one, only one, that actually includes a peaceful use clause: it is a modification of the GNU GPL, used for the GPU project.  Being based on the GPL, it's too long for us to expect developers to read it!

After taking a survey of many different open source licenses out there, it became clear that there was only one choice: write our own.  And the Peaceful Open Source License (PeaceOSL) was born. 

We believe that the spirit of Open Source is that of Mutual Benefit.  A Contrario, no harm.  Therefore, the PeaceOSL stipulates that the software may not be used to directly or indirectly harm people.  For more about the PeaceOSL, and to download your own copy, head over to Wise Earth Publishers, where the license is being published!

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Peace is a function, a process, a journey, a path.