CrisisCommunicator wins the 2012 ITU Young Innovator Fellowship!

Linkesh Diwan and the CrisisCommunicator were among 12 innovative projects from around the world that were awarded the 2012 ITU Young Innovator Fellowship!  The ITU (International Telecom Union) is the body in the United Nations that coordinates telecommunications laws world-wide, ensuring standards and interoperability of our global communication network.

The fellowship includes a cash prize (which we will use to further the CrisisCommunicator), one year of mentorship with industry insiders, and the opportunity to go to the World Telecom Conference in Dubai (October 18-24) to meet investors, industry representatives, and pitch the idea.

Pitching the CrisisCommunicator in Dubai

Wise Earth Technology has a vision: society made safer through disaster preparation. Committed to saving lives, we are developing a complete Disaster Management Communication Information System, and are on a mission to go global within five years. International aid earmarked for disaster preparation has increased 80-fold in just six years, to US$454.6million in 2009. Governments in most countries are recognizing the need for our solution, and we will have first-mover advantage on the market. Our innovative CrisisCommunicator re-unites refugee families, helps to report geographic conditions, state of the roads, available resources, aid requirements, and much more.

Our product is unique on the market and stands to compete favorably with current solutions. Harnessing the power of Open Source and Lean Production, our fixed costs are kept low, giving Wise Earth Technology agility in the industry. Our team is well qualified, and has many valuable connections to our advantage. 

As a social business we will use our profits to fulfill our vision. With community participation, we will work with emergency response teams, HAM radio clubs, disaster response organizations, and government agencies to provide disaster preparedness training, intelligent deployment, and maintenance of our CrisisCommunicators, thereby also generating local employment. In the event of a disaster, our employees are trained disaster responders. Establishing a disaster contingency fund as part of our cash assets, we also will target stakeholder communities for private placement options. We look forward to bringing this to success.