CrisisCommunicator joins Movexum's Pre-Lab Business Incubator!

Hello World, Here We Come!!!

We've been silent so long, you may have thought we'd slowed down, but progress is happening!

Much has happened in the last few months which took away focus from the CrisisCommunicator, but today, I'm happy to announce that we've joined Movexum's Pre-Lab Business Incubator!  The Pre-Lab incubator is a three month program, which is meant to guide me up to the formation of a Swedish AktiBolag (AB) company.  It is mostly self-driven, and has a modest fee of SEK1000 (+VAT), which, thanks to God, Family, and Friends, I can cover with my salary.  (That's right - I also have a day job!  It's part of the "much has happened...")

Movexum isn't your typical business incubator: they are funded in part by the local government and in another part by partner businesses.  On principle, they do not take any ownership interest, and charge token fees just to make sure that entrepreneurs take their services seriously.  It is patterend after social entrepreneurship, the main goal of Movexum being to foster innovation in the area of Gävle, Sweden.  Not too long ago, Ericsson pulled their manufacturing out of Gävle, leaving a thriving industrial town with no (well, little) industry.  Movexum, as a social business, is trying to address that problem by increasing the amount of entrepreneurship and economic activity, thereby raising the amount of jobs available in the area.

I'm excited to work with Movexum!  My business coach, Ivar, is a grizzled guy with much experience in the IT world, and seems to be a great match for the CrisisCommunicator project.  I look forward to getting in touch with the right people to take this forward!!!

Thanks, Peace,